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Apex 415 Large Diaphragm Studio Condenser Microphone






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Rugged construction, high SPL handling in a compact aluminum chassis makes the Apex415 an ideal choice for a main microphone for any home or project studio. Cardioid, omnidirectional or figure-8 polar patterns are selected from integrated switches on the microphone chassis. On board –10dB pad switch and low frequency roll off switch ensure the microphone can be tailored to any application. An excellent choice for use on guitar or bass cabinets, for background vocals, on strings, brass and woodwinds, acoustic guitars or upright basses or any application where subtlety and clarity is paramount and high sound pressure handling is required. The rugged Apex415 is also the microphone of choice for live recording or live sound reinforcement applications. The Apex415 microphone is made with a heavy-duty aircraft grade machined brass body with a durable, scratch resistant anodized finish and are shipped with a quality Apex IMC-3 "cat's cradle" style shock mount mic stand adaptor, windsock and convenient case for safe and secure storage and transportation. Improved quality in affordable recording equipment has brought serious power to the home studio enthusiast or small project studio. The microphone is the first, and often most important link in the signal chain. Apex studio microphones are great performing yet truly affordable wide diaphragm condenser microphones. They are an outstanding choice for the main microphone for any professional studio, home studio, or any of the computer based direct to hard drive recording systems now available. Due to their rugged construction, high SPL handling and affordable price, these microphones are outstanding choices for live sound reinforcement or live recording as well. They have proven themselves as overhead mics for drum kits or for mic-ing guitar or bass cabinets, where superior sound quality and high sound pressure handling is required. Apex microphones are also the mic of choice for saxophones, flutes, acoustic guitars or acoustic bass where subtlety and clarity is paramount.

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