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Hughes CC412B30 Straight 4x12 Cab


Hughes & Kettner




Guitar Amps / Speaker and Extension Cabinets

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CC 412 B 30 Sporting Celestion® Vintage 30 speakers with jumbo magnets, these speakers deliver a mighty bottom-end punch and plenty of mids for creamy lead tones. The perfect choice for contemporary high-gain sounds! Custom Cabinets The Voice of your Amp! Speakers are a critical factor for ultimate sound – they are the final link in the chain of musical expression. So, we engineered these Custom Cabinets to match our Custom Class heads’ superior tone. These cabinets meet the most stringent standards for workmanship and move some serious air to broadcast your musical message, loud and proud! Custom Series Cabinets are loaded exclusively with G12M (Greenback) and Vintage 30 speakers built by the celebrated speaker maven Celestion®. Crafted of high quality plywood with a very low specific weight, they are rugged and tuned to deliver excellent audio response. The housings are built to underscore the speakers’ trademark tonal properties. Their dovetailed joints create bonds that ensure stability bordering on indestructibility and anchor the resonating panels firmly in place. They are precisionbraced like acoustic guitars to fine-tune their resonant properties. This custom-shop approach extends to faux leather coverings selected for their swank, stylish visuals and superior acoustical attributes! HUGHES CC412B30 Specs top Model CC 412 B 30 Headline Your Amp´s Voice Speakers 4x12'' Celestion Vintage 30 Impedance Mono 4/ 16 Ohm Impedance Stereo 2x 8 Ohms Power Rating 280 W mono, 2 x 140 W stereo Casters included Protective Cover included Dimensions 750 x 750 x 360 mm Weight 35 kg/77.7 lbs

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