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Hughes & Kettner Statesman Series STM Dual EL34 50W Tube Guitar Amp Head 
Hughes & Kettner Statesman Series STM Dual EL34 50W Tube Guitar Amp Head 
Hughes & Kettner Statesman Series STM Dual EL34 50W Tube Guitar Amp Head 
Hughes & Kettner Statesman Series STM Dual EL34 50W Tube Guitar Amp Head 

Hughes & Kettner Statesman Series STM Dual EL34 50W Tube Guitar Amp Head


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Classic Rock and Beyond. The Hughes & Kettner Statesman Series STM Dual EL 34 is a tube guitar amp head that has British EL34 aristocracy in its bloodlines. The half-stack pairing of the Dual EL34 amp head and the STM 412 speaker cabinet is born to rock. But beyond merely delivering classic rock tone, its custom-designed circuitry also conjures sweet, soulfully sparkling clean tone once thought to be the exclusive domain of combos. The EL 34 Head s second Master volume lets you call up tough lead sounds by simply tapping your toes on the Stageboard. And its Boost knob kicks the gain up a notch whenever you need to make an even more assertive musical statement. Speaking of which, your half-stack is easily upgraded to a full stack courtesy of the DUAL EL34 s separate 4-, 8-, and 16-ohm speaker outputs. Beauty and the Beast Sinfully sweet American clean with a touch of hillbilly twang and rough-and-ready British rock in one amp? They said it couldn t be done; the sonic divide was simply too wide. They said if you want both worlds of tone and are unwilling to settle for less, you would have to take two amps to the stage. They said the warm airy tone of an open back combo and the fat, focused power of a 4 x 12 rock rig were incompatible -beauty and the beast, never to be caged together. And they said this wish, long harbored by players seeking a more versatile rig, would forever remain unfulfilled. German Attention To Detail What makes the various breeds of vintage amps shine is the trademark tone produced by a particular design. Hughes & Kettner set out to conjure the sonic magic of gratifying tone, albeit in versatile amps. For 25 years, our engineers have made it their mission to decode the DNA of the most diverse guitar sounds, analyzing everything from input jacks to the architecture of housings. Armed with this insight, inspired by tradition, and driven by the desire to create something fresh and exciting for forward-looking players, they turned up a string of celebrated sound-sculpting implements, including the TubeTools line and the TriAmp. Now all the knowledge gathered along the way birthed an unprecedented amp design. At its heart is circuitry that stretches the boundaries of tube technology: Switching from Clean to Drive restructures the preamp circuits completely. What s more, current feedback is also switched, tailoring the power amp s characteristics to suit the given preamp channel. The Statesman s housing translates this revolutionary tube technology into sound pressure. It s a classic case of applied physics culminating in art: This housing, in combination with the Eminence speaker custom-designed for the Statesman, delivers both authentic combo and stack tone. By employing cutting-edge engineering and wedding it to classic tube craft to create today s most advanced classic amp design, Statesman stands as a testament to Hughes & Kettner s Technology of Tone. Total Tonal Freedom! The elegant Statesman s many custom features make it a boutique instrument. Dedicated Reverb Balance knobs match the built-in Accutronics reverb to each channel. A push of the Clean channel Twang button takes you from the sound that sparked the British Invasion to star-spangled California clean. The Drive channel s Boost button sweeps from the throaty rasp of the early rock-n-roll years to the raging rock of the high-octane 80s and beyond. The EL34 head and 6L6 combo s Drive channel even offers a second, separately adjustable Master. A simple twist of the wrist is all it takes to push your leads up front and center! Classic sound paired with modern-day versatility - this symbiosis is what makes the Statesman such a class act. Discover Statesman and discover what it means to make chicken-skin music! This amp is your palette; plug in and paint bold, beautiful sonic images. Every tonal hue from crisp, crystal-clear clean to foot-stompin twang, and from smoky blues to blazing rock, is at your fingertips! Every nuance of every stroke is yours to control intuitively with your guitar, style, and personality. Whatever rig you prefer - Combo, 6L6, EL84, or EL34 power amp - a galaxy of great guitar tones awaits in the Statesman. Hughes & Kettner Statesman Series STM Dual EL34 50W Tube Guitar Amp Head Specifications: * Dimensions: 678 x 254 x 253 mm * Weight: 15,3 kg/33,7 lbs * External Fuse (Anode): 1 x T 400 mA * Mains Fuse 100 Volt-Version: 1 x 250 V / T 2 A * Mains Fuse 120 Volt-Version: 1 x 250 V / T 2 A * Mains Fuse 220-230 Volt-Version: 1 x 250 V / T 1 A * Mains Fuse 240 Volt-Version: 1 x 250 V / T 1 A Hughes & Kettner Statesman Series STM Dual EL34 50W Tube Guitar Amp Head Features: * Model: STM DUAL EL34 Head * Channels: Clean + Twang, Overdrive + Boost * Power: 50 Watts * Poweramp: 2x EL34 * Preamp: 2x 12AX7 * Effects: Accutronics Spring Reverb * Effects Loop: Serial/Parralel selectable * Footswitch/Stageboard: 1x FS-3N included, FS-2 as an option * Switching Functions: Channels, Boost, Second Master; with 2nd FS-2: Reverb, FX-Loop * Special Features: Second Master, Twang and Boost Mode, adjustable Reverb Balance, second Master * Equalizer: 3-band EQ per channel * Speaker Outputs: 1x 4 Ohms, 1x 8 Ohms/2x 16 Ohms , 1x16 Ohms * Suggested Speaker Cabinet: STM 412, STM 212 * Protective Cover: included

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