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Art VoiceChannel – Tube Channel Strip with Digital Outs

VoiceChannel – Tube Channel Strip with Digital Outs  VoiceChannel – Tube Channel Strip with Digital Outs 
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The ART VoiceChannel is the perfect complete channel input strip for recording, broadcast or high profile live applications where maximum performance and detail is required. Designed to deliver in critical applications where full control of the audio source is required, the VoiceChannel combines a single Class-A tube mic preamp, full-featured dynamics control, De-esser, expander and semi-parametric EQ into one unit with analog and digital output as well as the ability to direct connect to any computer or laptop via integrated USB port.

Designed to be a powerful channel strip and the ideal all in one input solution for analog or digital recording, each stage of the VoiceChannel’s signal path provides full control and a full feature set for each component, making it the perfect choice for tracking critical vocals and solo instruments.

Tube Preamp
The VoiceChannel’s preamp section uses a Class-A tube design with variable input impedance and selectable tube plate voltage to create the most versatile high performance microphone preamplifiers in their class. Capable of delivering incredible warmth, presence and clarity 12AX7A vacuum tube used in the circuit delivers controlled ‘musical sounding’ overload characteristics for added warmth and presence, while maintaining a wide dynamic range with unsurpassed sonic detail and clarity.

Variable Input Impedance
Variable input impedance optimizes the input for the widest possible range of microphone sources. The ability to vary the input impedance of a VoiceChannel’s preamp changes the load the microphone ‘sees’ in the system, dramatically altering its performance and character. This creates a wide range of new sonic possibilities with any modern or vintage condenser, ribbon or dynamic microphone.

The variable impedance control is infinitely variable allowing much finer control and the ability to tune the preamp to the microphone’s ideal sweet spot.

Selectable Tube Plate Voltage
The selectable tube voltage function delivers a wide variety of providing the either high plate voltage to the tube, ensuring maximum output with extremely low noise and distortion, or lowering the plate voltage to increase warmth and tube character.

Comprehensive Dynamic Control & EQ
The VoiceChannel delivers full dynamic control from the integrated fully variable Compressor / De-Esser / Expander section. Unlike most channel strip processors in this class, every function of the VoiceChannel’s dynamics control is easily tunable from the front panel. Complete control of compressor’s threshold, ratio, attack and release as well as de-esser frequency & level and expander / gate threshold are fully variable from smooth high quality low noise pots.

The VoiceChannel’s semi-parametric EQ offers wide tune-ability and tone control, and for added versatility the EQ can be patched before OR after the dynamics processor with a simple on-button touch on the front panel – no re-patching required. Separate insert jacks on the back panel allow you quick quiet in-line connectivity to external signal processing gear immediately after the Mic preamp (before the EQ and dynamics processor) in the signal path. Another insert patch point exists just before the A/D converters.

Digital Connectivity and USB Output
The ART VoiceChannel can direct connect to virtually any recording platform, analog or digital console making it one of the most versatile input strips in your audio toolkit. Choose between a wide range of outputs including balanced analog out, 44.1 KHz to 192 KHz AES/EBU, S/PDIF, or ADAT digital output or if need be, direct connect to any computer or laptop via USB. All analog and digital outputs provide comprehensive metering for a detailed indication of audio levels.

Ideal input solution for any recording application
Fully Featured Tube Microphone Preamplifier with Selectable plate Voltage and Variable Input Impedance
Exceptional warmth and definition from proven ART Tube Preamp design
Smooth musical sounding dynamics control including Compressor / Expander / De-Esser / Gate
Powerful Parametric EQ selectable Pre or Post Compressor in signal path
Flexible digital connectivity including ADAT Lite-pipe / AES/EBU / S/PDIF / TOSLink Digital Output supports 44.1 to 192 KHz Sample Rates
USB direct-connect to computer or laptop

Microphone Gain: 0 dB to +60 dB
Instrument Gain: +3 dB to +40 dB

Boost/Cut: +12 dB on each band
Low Freq. Tuning: 50/150 Hz Selectable
MID 1 Freq. Tuning: 100 Hz to 3 KHz continuously variable
MID 2 Freq. Tuning: 500 Hz to 15 KHz continuously variable
High Freq. Tuning: 5K/15 KHz Selectable

Attack Time: 250 uSec. to 100 mSec.
Release Time: 100 mSec to 3 Sec.
De-esser Tuning: .5 KHz to 15 KHz continuously variable
Compression Ratio: 1:1 to 20:1
Expander Slope: 1:1.5
Frequency Response

Analog In to Analog Out: 12 Hz to 100 KHz +0, -1 dB
Analog In to Digital Out: 12 Hz to 20 KHz +0, -1 dB @ 44.1 KHz sample rate
16 Hz to 42 KHz +0, -1 dB @ 96 KHz
THD: 1 KHz < .015% typical
20 to 20 KHz < .033% typical
Equivalent Input Noise

Mic/Line: -130 dBu, Input shorted, Max gain, A-weighted
Instrument: -105 dBu, Input shorted, Max gain, A-weighted
Digital section

Wordclock Range: 30 KHz to 204 KHz
Sample Rates: 44.1 KHz, 48 KHz, 88.2 KHz, 96 KHz, 176 KHz, 192 KHz
USB Minimum System Requirements: USB 1.1 compliant, Windows 98SE or newer, Mac OS 9.1 or newer
Attack Time 250 uSec. to 100 mSec
Boost and Cut/Frequency Band +12 dB on each band
Compression Ratio 1:1 to 20:1
EQ Frequency Bands Low Freq. Tuning: 50/150 Hz Selectable
Mid 1 Freq. Tuning: 100 Hz to 3 KHz continuously variable
Mid 2 Freq. Tuning: 500 Hz to 15 KHz continuously variable
High Freq. Tuning: 5K/15 KHz Selectable
Equivalent Input Noise -130 dBu, t shorted, Max gain, A-weighted
Frequency Response 12 Hz to 100 KHz +0, -1 dB
Maximum Gain 0 dB to +60 dB
Total Harmonic Distortion <.033% typical

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