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Art dADB - DUAL Active Direct Box with Phase Invert, High Pass Filter

dADB - DUAL Active Direct Box with Phase Invert, High Pass Filter 
dADB - DUAL Active Direct Box with Phase Invert, High Pass Filter 
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The ART dADB dual active direct box acts as two independent, high quality active interfaces for connecting instrument, line, or speaker level signals to balanced inputs. The high impedance ¼-inch inputs are buffered and converted by extremely low noise active electronics to deliver isolated, balanced, low impedance outputs.

The dADB delivers an extremely flat and wide frequency response even at high input levels, making it a virtually acoustically transparent DI solution.

Input attenuation on each channel allows for a wide range of source signal levels. Independent parallel thru jacks allow for tapping the signal chains. A Ground Lift on each channel allows for totally separate the input and output signal grounds to isolate two systems when required, thus reducing hum and ground-loop noise.

Switchable low pass Bessel filters eliminate high frequency interference. Operating outside of the audio range these complex and effective filter circuits are primarily intended to eliminate radio frequency interference before it gets into the main system. They effectively reduce digital computer noise making the dADB the ideal DI solution for laptops, computer workstations and peripherals when used in stereo PA applications.

The dADB’s active circuitry is powered by phantom power or by an internal 9V battery when external power is not available. Low current draw (less than 7.5 mA) should provide more than 100 hours of operation with a new battery (alkaline recommended).

The compact black all steel case and active design ensure unmatched long-term reliability in Live Sound, Permanent/Fixed Install, D.J., or virtually any PA application.

Key Features
Fully Active Design
Operates on Phantom Power or 9V Battery
Converts High-Impedance Balanced / Unbalanced Inputs Into 600 ohm Balanced Outputs
Switchable Input Attenuation (0, -20, -40 dB)
Independently Switchable Low Pass Filter on each Channel
Independently Switchable Phase Invert on each Channel
Independently Switchable Ground Lift on each Channel
1/4-inch TRS Connector Inputs and Thru Connections
XLR Connectors for Balanced Outputs
Rugged Steel Case

Frequency Response 10 Hz – 100 kHz +/- 0.5 dB @ +0 dBu
Total Harmonic Distortion <.05% (typical)
Dynamic Range > 100 dB (typical)
Channel Separation > 80 dB (typical)
Maximum Input Level +4, +24, +44 dBu (depending on attenuator setting)
Maximum Output Level +6 dBu (battery powered), +14 dBu (phantom powered)
Input Connections 1/4″ TRS balanced / unbalanced (2), 470k Ω
Thru Connections 1/4″ TRS (2)
Output Connections XLR male balanced (2), <600 Ω
Input Attenuation Switchable (0dB, -30dB)
Power Requirements 9V @ 7.5 mA (battery, alkaline recommended) / 18-48V DC @ 6.4 mA (phantom power , per channel)
Dimensions 2″ x 5″ x 5.75″ (51mm x 127mm x 146mm)
Weight 2.7 lbs (1.22 kg)

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