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APEX 480 Multi-Pattern Wide Diaphragm FET Condenser Microphone






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APEX 480 Details The Apex 480 wide diaphragm FET microphone offers a warmth and tone similar to that of a tube microphone without the limitations often associated with a tube mic design. The Field Effect Transistors (FETs) used in the Apex480?s deliver incredible clarity with an extremely wide dynamic range. This FET design offers the unique ability to create a very musical sounding ''soft clip'' with a smooth output and rich harmonic content, very similar to that of a tube microphone with a lower noise floor, a wider dynamic range and without the need of cumbersome external power supplies or specialized multi-pin XLR cables often required in a tube mic package. The Apex 480 is a true wide diaphragm side address condenser microphone and can easily be powered from any standard phantom power source. Selectable cardioid, omni-directional and figure-8 polar patterns are available ensuring maximum versatility. Low frequency roll-off and -10dB pad switch on the body of the Apex 480 ensure the microphone can easily be applied to virtually any recording or live application. The included external shock-mount suspension virtually eliminates vibration and handling noise, while at the same time safely securing the microphone in any position needed during the recording process. APEX 480 Features * Selectable Polar Patterns (Omni-Directional, Cardioid & Figure-8) * -10db Pad & Low-Frequency Roll-Off Switches On Mic Body * Warm, Extremely Smooth-Sounding FET Design * Wide Dynamic Range With Low Noise Floor * 20-20,000Hz Frequency Response * Package Includes Shockmount, Pop-Filter & Carrying Case

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