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Art EQ341 - Dual 2/3 Octave EQ - XLR, 1/4 inch and RCA I/O - 1U

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The ART EQ300 Series of graphic equalizers have been designed and engineered to extremely high standards for audio performance and functionality. These innovative, high-quality equalizers are perfect for virtually any audio application where precision frequency tailoring, reliable performance, rugged design and extremely silent processing is important. Rugged construction and solid audio performance make these equalizers particularly well suited to fixed installation as well as touring live sound systems.

Active Filter Sections
The EQ300 Series of graphic equalizers feature active filter sections, which incorporate a constantQ design. This constant-Q design, with accurate precision center frequencies), ensures that the bandwidth of every individual filter will be narrow enough to prevent unnecessary interaction between filters, yet still create an equalization curve wide enough to produce the exact and precise processing of audio frequencies the user seeks.

Precision Slide Potentiometers
The EQ300 Series of graphic equalizers utilize 20mm precision slide potentiometers. These center-detented, precision faders are graphically positioned on ISO center frequencies between 25Hz-16kHz for the EQ341, 20Hz to 20kHz for the EQ351 and EQ355.

Independent Variable Hi and Low Pass Filtering
In order to deliver superlative performance and control, the EQ351 and EQ355 graphic equalizers incorporate independent variable Hi Pass (low cut) and Low Pass (high cut) filters. Having separate and variable precision control for both the Hi Pass and Low Pass filters, allows the user to custom tailor the audio signal to perfection. Many competing products only feature shelving switches which have a fixed frequency point. Others do not have separate filtering for both high and low frequencies. These designs do not offer the precision or control of the ART EQ300 Series.

Additional Controls and Indicators
The EQ300 Series of graphic equalizers utilize a variable output level control, clip level indicator, ground lift switch, and selectable line voltage. Additional features include selectable scale switching - high slider resolution (+/- 12dB) or normal resolution (+/- 6dB), active balanced and unbalanced input/output connectors, and RFI filtering. A passive bypass switch allows for direct comparison between the equalized and nonequalized signal for each channel.

Multiple Connectivity
The EQ300 Series of graphic equalizers can be connected with a wide variety of audio devices. Each unit has three sets of input and output connectors wired in parallel. These connections include XLR connectors, 1/4" phone jacks and RCA phono jacks.

Durability by Design
The EQ300 Series of graphic equalizers are designed and engineered to be durable and rugged. They are an ideal choice when the need for a robust equalizer is of paramount concern. They are designed for mounting in a standard 19" equipment rack or one of the many rack-type portable cases in existence. The vertical height is 1.75 inches for the EQ341 and EQ351, and 3.5 inches for the EQ355. The depth is 7 inches, exclusive of power cord.

Rugged construction and solid audio performance make these equalizers particularly well suited to fixed installation as well as touring live sound systems.

Precision and Quality
When considering quality equalization, the ART EQ300 Series of graphic equalizers are an excellent choice. They deliver extremely precise, powerfully flexible and simply great sounding equalization, with the quality features and reliable design necessary for top-level audio performance.

The ART EQ 300 Series Applications:

May be used in a variety of applications such as live sound, recording studios, instrument racks as well as any conventional fixed installation environment
The equalizer can be used wherever modification of the frequency contour of a sound is needed
The graphic equalizer is a powerful tool for solving a number of audio problems and creating interesting sound textures
Patch the EQ between your mixing console and power amps to allow you to alter the overall mix to better match your environment
Use the EQ between your monitor mixer and monitor power amps to aid in the removal of feedback inducing frequencies
Patch into a channel insert to EQ one channel or track individually
Run your instrument directly into the equalizer to enhance its sound before reaching a power amplifier or instrument amplifier.
Patch into the effects loop of an instrument amplifier or between a preamp and power amp to have precise control over the complete sound

Dual Channel 15-Band Graphic Equalizer
Constant-Q Filtering
Balanced XLR, Active Balanced 1/4", and Unbalanced RCA Input and Output Connectors
+/- 6dB or +/-12dB Level Adjustments
20mm Center Detented Frequency Band Sliders
Independent Level and Bypass Controls Per Channel
Designed for Years of continuous, reliable performance
Rugged All Steel Construction
One Year Warranty

Channel Separation > 50dB
Controls Power On/Off Switch; L/R Filter Range Switch; L/R Bypass Switch; L/R Level Control; Ground Lift Switch
Filter Type Constant Q %u2013 3% center accuracy
Frequency Bands 2x15, 2/3 octave, ISO spacing
Frequency Response 20Hz to 20kHz, 0.5dB
Indicators 6dB/12dB Range LEDs; Bypass and Clip LEDs
Input Impedance 20k O (bal), 15k Ohms (unbal)
Input/Output Connections Active balanced XLR and 1/4" TRS {XLR pin 2 / 1/4" tip = Hot ( )} Unbalanced RCA

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