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Traynor DB800H 800 W Bass Head






Bass / Bass Amplifier Heads

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TRAYNOR db800H Details What truly sets the Traynor DynaBass 800H apart from the rest of the class is its versatile hybrid tube / solid-state pre-amp. The all tube input signal path allows the player as much grunge or as little "tube warmth" as need while the FET driven solid-state input circuit ensures a highly responsive and pristine clean tone. The innovative blend control allows the perfect mix of tube "drive" can be added to the solid-state clean tone, ensuring the right amount of raw power and definition is always at hand. Built for even the most demanding stages, the DynaBass 800H is the highest-powered bass amp Traynor offers at this time. The highly efficient solid-state amplifier section reliably delivers 800 Watts to a 4-Ohm load ensuring maximum compatibility with a typical live rig. A dual fan cooling system integrated into the DynaBass 800H completely negates the need for heavier heatsinks. Well placed intake/exhaust vents allow the two cooling fans to immediately draw all extraneous heat away from the amplifier ensuring the amplifier will not overheat even under the most extreme live conditions. Innovative tone-shaping controls like "Scoop" and "Bass Resonance" are standard on the DynaBass 800H as well as a compressor with user definable threshold and user defeatable output limiter. A five-band EQ, with semi-parametric mid, ensures the DynaBass 800H user can find any tone they need. The variable contour Scoop function sweeps from a flat frequency response through a mid-frequency dip at 400 Hz. As you increase beyond the halfway point on the control you begin to boost both the top and bottom end to your tone, in addition to further reducing the midrange level. The Bass Resonance control actually controls the damping factor of the amplifier's output stage, and allows the player to take full advantage of the tone of a loudspeaker enclosure. When used with a high quality and responsive loudspeaker like the Traynor TC810, Bass Resonance allows the player to dial in the exact response from their rig that they want to hear, anything from a tight and punchy modern tone to something looser, more vintage bass sound. Other professional features added to the DB800H include highly visible VU metering of the output signal, a front panel wet/dry control for the footswitchable tube drive, footswitchable effects return with front panel wet/dry blend control and a pre/post selectable XLR balanced DI output with ground lift. High power handling Speakon(tm) extension speaker cabinet outputs have been added in addition to the 1/4-inch phono jacks commonly used on instrument amplifiers. Features * 800-watts at 4 Ohms * Hybrid Tube / Solid-State Preamp Design * 5-band EQ w/ sweep mid w/ additional Scoop & Resonance Controls * Footswitchable Tube Overdrive w/ Clean Blend * Onboard Compression and Limiting * Tuner Mute * Active and Passive Instrument Level Inputs * Integrated Metal Flip Handles * XLR Balanced Pre or Post D.I Output * Integrated Solid Plywood Sleeve w/ additional Single 19-inch Accessory Rack Space TRAYNOR db800H Specs Type Bass Head Power @ min. impedance (Watts) 600 @8 ohms / 800 @4 ohms / 600 @2 ohms Minimum Impedance (Ohms) 2 Burst Power - 2 cycle 1000 Channel 1 - inputs 2x1/4 Channel 1 - controls 5 Band EQ w/ parametric sweepable mid, Tube Gain Channel 1 - switches Limiter, Compressor, Tube Drive, Tuner Mute Master Volume Control Yes Input Sensitivity (mV) 80 Master Outputs Speakon(tm), 1/4 inch (x2) Line Out (type / configuration) XLR (Pre/Post Switchable) Line Out Sensitivity (Vrms) 1.0 Effects Loop / Location Rear Effects Footswitch / Function Tube Drive / Effects Loop Effects Return Sensitivity (Vrms) 1.0 LED Indicators Power, Tube Drive, Compressor, Mute, EFX Rtn Protection Thermal, Short Circuit Limiter / Switchable Yes / Yes (Output Clip Limiter) External speaker output / location 2 x 1/4 inch, 1 x Speakon(tm) Headphone Jack No Other Features Amp In (rear) Parametric Mid Wet/Dry Blend on EFX Return Wet/Dry Control on Drive mode Adjustable Compressor Tuner mute switch and 1/4" tuner out jack Bass Resonance Tube/Solid State input selector switch 12 LED Output power display with Clip indicator Dimensions (DWH, inches) 16 x 21 x 8.5 Dimensions (DWH, cm) 41 x 53.5 x 21.75 Weight (lbs / kg) 47 / 21.3

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