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Traynor K2 Compact Keyboard Amplifier




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K2 - 200w, 10 inch / 4 inch / 2.5 inch. The all-new ultra-compact 200-watt Traynor K2 is the newest addition to the popular Keyboard amplifier line. Designed to outperform anything in its class, the K2 is the smallest keyboard amplifier to offer Traynor's innovative tube / solid-state input and proprietary Voicing circuitry first introduced on its big brother, the K4. This unique input design makes the Traynor K2 more than a monitor, but part of the keyboard player's tone pallet.

The Voicing circuit offers several pre-set user selectable tone shapes on channel one to add overall presence to further enhance specific synth sounds on the K2's first channel. The selectable tube or solid state input allows the player to select at pristine, high-headroom solid-state clean input on channel one, or a more warmer, slightly compressed tube circuit to add warmth to digital synths and samplers.

Channel two includes an XLR / 1/4-inch TRS combi-jack input, for an additional line or microphone level input, and has its own dedicated three-band EQ. The Traynor K2 includes a three-band master EQ for additional overall tone shaping, as well as a master volume control and 1/4-inch TRS balanced line output.

The compact K2 is also a convenient and powerful wedge monitor, designed for the live stage. Although it's small enough to fit easily under almost any keyboard rig, the 3-way speaker system delivers a full 200-watts to the stage, more than enough for most live applications. The innovative third channel post master input (located on the back of the K2) allows an additional signal to be fed to the amplifier, without feeding it to the pre-master line output. This allows sources like monitor feeds from the front of house mix, a drum machine click tracks or cue sends to be amplified on stage by the K2, without feeding them to the house mix.


  • Ultra compact 200-watt wedge format keyboard amplifier
  • Three input channels including Post-Master Monitor input
  • 3-way speaker system features a 170-watt 10" LF, a 4" 30-watt MF and a 2.5" HF driver
  • Innovative tube / solid-state switchable input
  • Proprietary 5-position Voicing circuitry on Channel 1
  • 3 band EQ on both Channel 1 and Channel 2
  • Metal bar handles
  • Rubber feet on bottom and sides for convenient, compact storage
  • Full punched metal grille
  • Headphone and 1/4" Balanced Post-EQ, Pre-Master Line Outs
  • Quality component selection including the use of glass epoxy circuit boards
  • Solid plywood cabinet construction, not MDF or particle board
  • Covered by our famous 2 year unlimited* "Even if you break it" warranty


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